THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ABUNDANCE: Shifting into an abundant mindset in a practical way.

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with Rhaya Lynn

Calling all those who are ready to live  abundantly! I'm about to walk you through my grounded, practical, and psychology based method for stepping into abundance.

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Whether you're an individual who wants to invite in more abundance in work, love, relationships, wealth, opportunity, and more OR you're a health practitioner and want to see if the way you are supporting clients has some evidence to it.. This training is for you.


Maybe you're levelling up in your business, or you're just starting out. I'm sure you'll take at least one thing away from this!

1. You'll uncover what is between you + your abundant life in love, career, + opportunity

2. You'll understand exactly what blocks are stopping you from living abundantly

3. You'll learn practical tips + tools to invite more abundance into your life





Hi I'm Rhaya

I am a therapist and mindset coach for those looking to drop the status quo and show up entirely as themselves. Ease-fully, confidently, and authentically. 


From inpatient mental health and addiction centres in Vancouver, Canada to multiple drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Bali, Indonesia, my professional career has lent me the understanding of the patterns of the mind, behaviours, and how to approach them to achieve lasting change.


I look forward to sharing the knowledge with you and supporting you in your journey into your most abundant life

What attendees are saying

"I had so many “flashlight” moments as you call them come to me, realizations and just an overall sense of peace and presence knowing I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now moments this evening so thank you!"

"I showed up for myself so much today and that is where it all starts."

"I am so happy and thankful to be apart of this workshop! It was amazinggg. I haven’t felt like I could breathe in a long time." 

"I enjoyed how interactive and responsive you were, some moments you just literally light right up."