Hi, I'm Rhaya Lynn!

I am a therapist and mindset coach for those looking to access more​ ease, self love, and confidence than ever thought imaginable. 

Today I truly get to live the life of my dreams, with a calm mind and a heart that is open both to myself and to others. Though it has not always been smooth sailing, what my journey has brought me is the gift of professional credentials and tried and tested holistic approach to fast track that journey for you. 

I have spent my entire professional career working in mental health. Dream jobs continued into further dream jobs, and the wealth of knowledge I gained was insurmountable. From inpatient mental health and addiction centres in Vancouver, Canada to multiple drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Bali, Indonesia, I have learned patterns of the mind, behaviours, and how to approach them to achieve lasting change.

I have been striving for excellence my entire life. Years of postgraduate study and seeking the best of the best, I know exactly what it feels like to have your outer world look completely perfect, but still feel like something is missing on the insideHaving been on my own journey of personal growth and self-development for the past decade I can confidently say that I find ease in all that I do, whilst continually reflecting and refining my skills in order to be of service to the greatest extent.

What I have learned from those years in both the clinical and the self development realms is that one single approach just is not going to cut it. We are dynamic human beings and we require a multitude of modalities. This is exactly why I have devoted my life to supporting others to find ease in a holistic way, combining coaching and therapeutic principles. My mission is to reduce global suffering. If there is one more smile in the world due to my work, I know that in of itself, is enough. 

I would love to be the one to support you on your journey. Shall we get started on finding your path of least resistance?

The Fine Print

Rhaya earned her Master of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, formerly working in the public and private sectors of mental health and addiction. She holds further certifications as a counsellor and mindfulness practitioner, and works on both conscious and unconscious levels to facilitate powerful, lasting change. She is grounded in evidence-based methods of changing limiting core beliefs and less desirable habits. 


As a certified yoga teacher with a specialization in trauma-sensitive yoga, Rhaya offers yoga sessions as a supplement to talk-based therapy. In addition to these individualized sessions, she teaches pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation to at-risk populations.


Rhaya’s brilliance lies in her natural ability to instil trust and safety in anyone she interacts with. She is an exceptional empathetic listener, an expert in kind and inquisitive questioning, and has a talent for guiding clients into illuminating their challenges and obstacles. Her approach is grounded in therapeutic approaches fostering empowerment, growth, and insight.


Clinical Experience 

Public Health Inpatient Mental Health and Addiction

Three Private Health Addiction Centres

Extensive work with clients navigating anxiety, addiction/substance use, bipolar, depression, chronic conditions, codependency, grief/loss, life transitions, relationships, self development, stress and burnout, suicide, and trauma

Approaches used include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, compassion focused therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), positive psychology, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing

Education, Training, and Qualifications

Bachelor of Kinesiology

Master of Occupational Therapy

Accredited Counselling Diploma

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Professional Training

Trauma Informed & Strengths Based Course

Yoga, Meditation, + Pranayama Teacher Training

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training (Currently Enrolled)

Thousands of Hours of Yoga + Meditation Practice/Study/Teaching

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