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What clients say...

" I have come out on the other end feeling clear on who
I am and what I want."

"I could really feel the new version of me continuing to show up and be supported by the community of women that Rhaya created in ALIVE. 


It was all things I somewhat "knew" but didn't have any sort of education on formally, so it felt really exciting to be learning this in this safe space and actually have concrete knowledge and takeaways that I could implement into my daily life with. 

Even though the physical environment around me, where I live, who I interact with, hasn't changed all that much, the way that I put myself out into that environment has changed dramatically. I'm showing up more authentically. I'm understanding my truth a lot more. I'm understanding why I may think things the way that I do. And if I want to reframe them, I have the tools to do that now! "

Sara D, Occupational Therapist + Doctorate Student, USA

"Doing this work with Rhaya has been the most expansive thing that I've done for myself"

"Rhaya creates this space for a woman to feel open and safe and that they can share and grow, with other women that are also taking that chance to just dive deeper and discover themselves. By doing so, we discovered we have very similar reasons that brought us there. Different stories, but the core of it is the same that we're feeling either stuck or that we want more out of life. And if you want more out of life, then I think the best way to do that is through this self-work.

I know these lessons that I'm learning could really change my life in the course of my life, especially as a woman at the age that we're at, you want to be the creator of your life. And doing the self-work with Rhaya just feels like the tool to get me there."

Alexis, Social Media Manager, USA

"It's amazing to be part of a community where everyone had my back and wanted me to succeed"

​​"I'm a Mindfulness Coach based in Toronto, Canada, and I completed the ALIVE program under Rhaya's guidance and with several other amazing and inspiring women. This is the third time that I've worked with Rhaya. So if that doesn't say enough about how much I respect her knowledge and her coaching abilities, then I don't know what will! 

When I joined the program, I was not feeling like my best self and definitely not feeling alive on a daily basis.  I can safely say that year that just passed was much different from recent years.


I found myself leaving each week feeling really inspired, not just by what Rhaya would present every week, but just by hearing the other women speak and share their stories. I felt very supported the entire time, very listened to. Like everyone had my back and wanted me to succeed. It's amazing to be part of a community like that."

Susan C, Mindfulness Coach, Canada

"I am ready to take action towards my business and step out of my own way."

"My name is Danielle and I am an Occupational Therapist and Life Coach. I joined ALIVE at a point in my life when I was ready to step up into the successful business owner that I know I can be. 


The energy within each session was really uplifting and supportive. Group sessions were never really my strong suit. I'm generally quite shy and soft-spoken and I feel hesitant to take up space. But within this container I felt heard, I felt safe and I felt encouraged to really speak my truth and be bold.


I feel like the best I've ever felt. There's just this energy within me that I have so much more trust in myself.  I love myself just that little bit more and I am ready to take action towards my business and ready to step out of my own way.


I would 100% recommend Rhaya as a coach to anyone who wants to feel more connected to themselves and understand their worth and power."

Danielle, Occupational Therapist + Life Coach, UK

"After ALIVE there was so much ease. Things started naturally flowing and I feel way more connected to myself"

"When I started the ALIVE program, I was having a lot of anxiety with work, myself, my life choices. I didn't fully understand myself. I knew certain things were off, but I didn't know how to figure out what was off. I had a really hard time sticking with habits. Everything just felt very difficult. But after ALIVE, there was just so much ease. I found things started naturally flowing. I just feel way more connected to myself


The group of ALIVE women was incredible. It was such a safe community to share the things you're going through. It was just such a cool community. I actually still keep in touch with a lot of the women now, and I think I will for the rest of my life.


There's literally no better investment than in yourself and I think even just six weeks with Rhaya has changed and will change the course of my life and my direction."

Hayley, Photographer, Canada

When I first began this journey, I was struggling with how stagnant my life had become. I fell completely out of touch with the things that made me feel alive and could hardly bring myself to do the things that I usually enjoyed. 

I feel like a different person now. I feel lighter, the chatter in my head is kinder and I see possibilities all around me. I feel like I’ve gained a fresh perspective on how to move through life and I am better for it. 


I’ve learned how to give myself permission for the things that I want that I otherwise did not think I could have. Things that I want are possible for me and that’s perfectly acceptable. 

I’ve seen, in a new light, just how powerful my mind is. How to support myself with simple shifts like befriending my inner critic rather than turning her away. Or how making room for new beliefs can make all the difference between achieving a goal or not. And how quickly reframing a single thought can turn a negative moment in time completely around. 

FIND EASE has changed my world. When I started, I was living predominantly in my head. Now, I’m equipped with reminders and tools to ground into my body and keep me present. I’m kinder to myself, no longer feeling stuck and I’m taking better care of myself. Best of all, I’ve given myself permission to pursue a long-held dream of mine - moving cross country! I’m proud of myself for showing up, leaning into the discomfort, tending to myself with compassion and taking the leap to invest in myself. 


To future clients on the fence— FIND EASE will change your life and you are worth the investment!

Kayla M, Life Coach, USA

"The things you learn are the kind of things that will stick with you for the rest of your life."

"The program was incredible. I truly learned so much.  I felt so so empowered after every session. I personally just loved Rhaya's energy throughout the time facilitating the sessions. It was just really beautiful to see the transformation of all the other women in the program as well. It was super inspiring. There was always such open dialogue and so much acceptance.


The things you learn are the kind of things that will stick with you for the rest of your life. I really can't recommend this program enough for anyone who is considering it! Rhaya is just such a special person and I think anything you can do to kind of soak up her energy and be in her space is something I would definitely recommend!"

Meghan, Registered Holistic Nutritionist , Canada

Over the past 3 months, I have produced the best results I have ever made and been truly driven by my higher self. I have changed more than I could ever imagine and I truly feel like I am living in alignment.


It feels freaking amazing to be me now. Rhaya literally helped me feel that all feelings are valid, all experiences are learning experiences, and there is no wasted knowledge! I feel much lighter, feel less pressure, and am much more gentle on myself. I have a stronger sense of self and I am more confident in my abilities. Previously I was doubtful of myself, my abilities, and sharing my experiences and my life with others. 

What really shifted is my thoughts and beliefs and my dreams and vision for my future. I really truly feel they are within reach and every part of my being believes it is possible for me! I always left the session feeling lighter, feeling like I had uncovered parts of me that I hadn’t known about before, I had a lot of revelations!

I would recommend Rhaya as a coach, 100%!

Danielle H, Occupational Therapist + Coach, London/Australia

3 months ago I was feeling somewhat disconnected to myself. I was in some large transition points and it heightened a lot of my deep-rooted anxiety and negative thought and belief patterns.

It feels like I know myself so much better now. Like I took the time to listen to myself as though I was my own oldest and best friend, and really sat through and absorbed all that was moving through me. It’s sort of mind-blowing because while nothing “around me” has changed - my situation is still the same, my relationships are still the same, there has still been a huge internal shift where I have so much more grace for and understanding of myself. 

The investment in Rhaya’s program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The support, resources, and coaching that she provides is so unique and individualized to the experience. During sessions, I felt safe, I felt held, and I felt listened to. It was a beautiful and sacred experience for me and I 10000% recommend her as a coach.

Sara D, Occupational Therapist + Doctorate student, USA

[Before working with Rhaya] I was thinking a lot less consciously, feeling somewhat stuck and wanting to create change. 

[After working with Rhaya] it feels better to be me. I feel like I’ve made change happen and through that feel empowered and more confident.


[I learned] that I can make changes without so much indecision. Change/decisions don’t have to be as threatening and scary as my mind makes the changes out to be. Recognizing my value and worth has been a shift too. 

John G, Business Owner, Canada

It was incredible to work with Rhaya. I really appreciated how much I could trust her. She established at our first meeting that we both had to feel committed to the journey - that set an important tone for me.


We spend so much time and money on external items. Investing in strengthening my own foundation was one of the most meaningful personal growth journeys I’ve had as an adult.


Rhaya was an excellent guide and coach and I felt confident that I could successfully go through the process of growth and self-empowerment thanks to her help.

Simon B, Entrepreneur & MBA Student, Canada

[Before working together] I was struggling with the direction I felt like my life was heading. Sure, I had the house, a husband, a wonderful kiddo and one on the way but there were gaps that I didn't know how to fill on my own.


I never thought I would be able to accomplish so much in what feels like such a short time.


Working with Rhaya was so easy, after our first consultation I knew it would be a great fit between us. Rhaya has changed me in ways I never thought possible and I will forever be grateful for what she has done for me. Like I said before, Rhaya has changed my life in so many ways that some days I don't even recognize myself in the best way possible.


This program has been absolutely perfect and exactly what I needed at a time I needed it most.

Stephanie B, Business Owner, Canada

Working with Rhaya on a 1:1 basis has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She was a perfect fit for me, a 30 something-year-old entrepreneur looking to get clear on what I wanted in life.

Rhaya helped me find more ease in all aspects of my life, personally and professionally. Creating space for me to focus on what I wanted more of and letting go of what no longer served me. And, I did all of that while sipping coffee in my jammies during our Monday morning Zoom calls together.

In addition to being an impactful coach, her level of professionalism blew me away. Her payment plans, online booking + reminders, shared drives and beautifully curated workbooks were impressive. Rhaya's dedication to her practice and her business is apparent on all levels.

Megan L, Entrepreneur, Canada

Rhaya is a great pleasure to work with, she has so much knowledge and relays it in an understandable manner that is specific to what you’re dealing with. She wants you to succeed and you can tell from the get-go! She shares her knowledge very freely and is very supportive the entire way. She’s also very passionate about what she does and it shows in everything that she does - in the sessions, in her resources, etc.

Susan C, Physiotherapist, Canada

[My favourite part of the program thus far has been] analyzing and releasing traumas with the most ease I’ve experienced with any past trauma in my life. I just love everything about this program and FEEL the shifts every day of my life. I feel empowered, already have clarity and have already moved out of freeze mode. Neuroplasticity at it’s finest. It’s powerful. Thank you for everything, Rhaya!

Heather, Occupational Therapist, USA

Before I started this program I was feeling really heavy and unmotivated. Nothing seemed to lift my spirits. Everyday tasks were becoming anxiety inducing. I felt like 1/4 of the person I knew I used to be.


Today, [after 6 weeks together] I feel like I am well on my way back to feeling full and light. I have my confidence back, I am motivated to support our business, and I am feeling more grounded in my adult friendships. Far less anxiety in my life. I have really climbed out of the hole that I was in when I started, and I am looking forward to being able to keep this feeling up and get back to it if it shifts. 

Michelle, Business Owner, Canada

I feel a lot more peaceful and fun. I am proud of allowing my emotions and others. My experience of life is a lot more enjoyable and wanting to get down to the root of strong emotions when they come my way.

Charlotte, Full-time Mother, Canada

I have shifted my mindset to be more compassionate with my emotions and feelings. I have shifted the idea that I can accept all the different feelings that come up. And to be kinder to the reactions I have. I have shifted conflicts and not being at war with myself due to a conflict I am having with others. 

I love the sessions! I love being able to come to a safe space and share what's on my mind with no judgement and someone there to listen. I've really enjoyed the meditations and the questions you ask me! Keep them coming!

Zoe, Amazon, Luxembourg

Rhaya is incredibly understanding and sensitive.  Her gentle questions and insightful suggestions have helped me gain more clarity about my anxiety, and have also helped me become more compassionate towards myself. You should definitely get in touch with Rhaya if you are seeking more balance in terms of how you experience your thoughts and emotions!

Adrian, Childhood Educator, Canada

The feeling that I felt the strongest when we ended was grateful. Grateful to have someone who believes in me, my progress, and my potential. Grateful that I took the steps to seek out you and your program. That I trusted my gut and the yearning to feel the feelings you describe and exude around excitement, ease, joy and being vibrant. Grateful for the reminders and space to celebrate my wins. Grateful for the patience and understanding you have towards helping me uncover what I mean and feel even when I'm not sure. Grateful for the inspiration and encouragement. Your excitement towards possibilities is energizing.

Sally, Teacher on Call, Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Rhaya and found her to be empathetic, open, honest and truly a team player. The clients she worked with had such beautiful and life-changing results. Each and every client had nothing to say but positive things about her. I got to collaborate with Rhaya in a clinical setting and found her to be both professional and personable. I enjoyed walking into the office everyday to see her there. Collaborating with Rhaya enhanced my career and my abilities to work with those suffering from addiction. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be the lucky ones.

Tarri, Addiction Worker, California USA

Rhaya's insights are incredibly heartfelt and dedicated to my self-focus. She allowed me to reflect on what I want for my life, regardless of the external circumstance that was presented. I learned different tools to deal with my feelings and it made a huge difference. When the time presented itself to make a decision, I felt strong and positive to make a conscious choice of where I want my path to continue. I appreciate how present Rhaya is when talking to me and I always look forward to calling her, almost as if I was calling a friend for advice.

Betty, Superyacht Business Management, Australia

Rhaya is one of the most genuine and caring individuals. Her practical wisdom, insightful intuition, and deep level of compassion is so refreshing. She is incredibly passionate about her purpose and mission and it shows in her commitment to her work. She has the ability to make you feel safe, seen, and fully heard. Her presence alone is remarkably healing and uplifting.

Kelly, Life Coach, New York USA

Rhaya is a very competent therapist who takes a holistic approach to one’s recovery. Unafraid to tackle the bigger issues and sift through difficulties, Rhaya immediately supported my needs each week as I continued to work through my emotions, recovery and profession. A true practitioner in every sense of the word!

Dr. Weiss, Educator + NLP Practitioner, USA

Rhaya is fantastic, I cannot say enough good things about her. Our sessions together have done wonderful things for my relationship and have also helped me learn how to look after myself better. I highly recommend her!

Dave, Business Owner, Australia

Rhaya's presence immediately puts you at ease. She uses language that is both compassionate and accessible, and creates sessions that are thoughtful and inviting. Rhaya's gentle essence facilitates deep inner journeying and genuine healing. I can highly recommend!

Maddie, International Researcher, Australia

Rhaya really sees you and hears you. Yet she does not listen to your “stories” you make up about yourself, she sees beyond those and into YOU. She holds the motherly energy where you immediately feel so safe and seen. Wherever you are at physically, emotionally, or mentally she knows how to meet you there, because she meets you from her heart.

Isabella, Chef + Retreat Facilitator, Sweden

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