What Clients Say

Rhaya is incredibly understanding and sensitive.  Her gentle questions and insightful suggestions have helped me gain more clarity about my anxiety, and have also helped me become more compassionate towards myself. You should definitely get in touch with Rhaya if you are seeking more balance in terms of how you experience your thoughts and emotions!

Adrian, Childhood Educator

I had the pleasure of working with Rhaya and found her to be empathetic, open, honest and truly a team player. The clients she worked with had such beautiful and life-changing results. Each and every client had nothing to say but positive things about her. I got to collaborate with Rhaya in a clinical setting and found her to be both professional and personable. I enjoyed walking into the office everyday to see her there. Collaborating with Rhaya enhanced my career and my abilities to work with those suffering from addiction. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be the lucky ones.

Tarri, Addiction Worker, California USA

Your insights are incredibly heartfelt and dedicated to my self focus. You allowed me to reflect on what I want for my life, regardless of the external circumstance that was presented. I learned different tools to deal with my feelings and it made a huge difference. When the time presented itself to make a decision, I felt strong and positive to make a conscious choice of where I want my path to continue. I appreciate how present you are when talking to me and I always look forward to calling you, almost as if I was calling a friend for advice.

Betty, Superyacht Business Management, Australia

Rhaya is one of the most genuine and caring individuals. Her practical wisdom, insightful intuition, and deep level of compassion is so refreshing. She is incredibly passionate about her purpose and mission and it shows in her commitment to her work. She has the ability to make you feel safe, seen, and fully heard. Her presence alone is remarkably healing and uplifting.

Kelly, Life Coach, New York USA

Rhaya is a very competent therapist who takes a holistic approach to one’s recovery. Unafraid to tackle the bigger issues and sift through difficulties, Rhaya immediately supported my needs each week as I continued to work through my emotions, recovery and profession. A true practitioner in every sense of the word!

Dr. Weiss, Educator + NLP Practitioner, USA

Rhaya is fantastic, I cannot say enough good things about her. Our sessions together have done wonderful things for my relationship and have also helped me learn how to look after myself better. I highly recommend her!

Dave, Business Owner, Australia

Rhaya's presence immediately puts you at ease. She uses language that is both compassionate and accessible, and creates sessions that are thoughtful and inviting. Rhaya's gentle essence facilitates deep inner journeying and genuine healing. I can highly recommend!

Maddie, International Researcher, Australia

Rhaya really sees you and hears you. Yet she does not listen to your “stories” you make up about yourself, she sees beyond those and into YOU. She holds the motherly energy where you immediately feel so safe and seen. Wherever you are at physically, emotionally, or mentally she knows how to meet you there, because she meets you from her heart.

Isabella, Holistic Chef + Retreat Facilitator, Sweden

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