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Reignite your lust for life, realign with yourself, and connect deeply with community!

Are you feeling alive and radiant, with a lust   for life?

Or are you often finding yourself wondering...what's next? 

Living in an accomplishment-focused mindset???

All about goals and ticking boxes off a never-ending-list of “shoulds"?

Never truly attaining that sense of fulfillment + freedom you've been chasing?

My friends, in the past I listened to the should’s rather than to the true whispers of my heart.


⁣⁣I’ve been here before.

And it’s my mission to help change that for you. 

So what’s on the other side?⁣⁣??


Showing up FULLY as you in each moment.

The MESSY, the RAW, the BEAUTIFUL, the freakin fantastic.

welcome to ALIVE!!!!

A group program for women ready to rise. 


- reignite your lust for life

- realign with yourself

- feel at ease + radiant

Feel complete permission to be you

Back yourself entirely and be on your own team

Put what you cognitively know into aligned action

And reap the benefits of feeling powerfully alive, radiant, & zest full of life!

Do  you want to ...

Actually take action rather than just cognitively knowing everything

Calm your inner critic and be on your own team

Let life be easeful

And  you ...

Are passionate about growth and personal development

Have a desire to be inspired and inspire like minded others


Well perfect. ALIVE was made for women like you.

I'm ready, sign me up

If you want to read more about the details and your coach, keep scrolling xx

the ALIVE journey




Click apply, complete the application 

Upon acceptance get immediate access to the community

Sit back and be guided!

A   taste of the topics you'll be mastering inside ALIVE:

Awareness & alignment

Re-align with the vibrant you that maybe is a tad far away. Calibrate to the frequency of the highest you. Create a blueprint for your most aligned life. 

Love & unwavering self compassion

From overthinking to a compassionate and empowered inner dialogue. Rewire your mindset & love yourself through it all. Master the thought-feeling feedback loop. 


Integrated masculine + feminine 

Create inner union / inner balance for vibrancy and aliveness. Capitalize on these energies


V ulva, v agina, & p ussy magic

Pussy whaaaat!? You read that right. Reclaim the wisdom of your body. Cycle tracking and living by your cycle. Deepen your connection and attunement to your womb & body.

Embodied action + expression

From cognitively knowing to taking aligned action. Integrate this experience and let it last. Tips for success moving forward to actually live this new way from your whole body. Calibrate to your 'new normal' and live fully expressed as the vibrant alive you.

Curious if this is all possible for you?
Let my clients tell you that it is!


" I have come out on the other end feeling clear on who
I am and what I want."

"I could really feel the new version of me continuing to show up and be supported by the community of women that Rhaya created in ALIVE. 


It felt really exciting to be learning in this safe space and actually have concrete knowledge and takeaways that I could implement into my daily life with. 

Even though the physical environment around me, where I live, who I interact with, hasn't changed all that much, the way that I put myself out into that environment has changed dramatically. I'm showing up more authentically. I'm understanding my truth a lot more. I'm understanding why I may think things the way that I do. And if I want to reframe them, I have the tools to do that now! "

- Sara D, Occupational Therapist + Doctorate Student, USA

"Doing this work with Rhaya has been the most

the expansive thing that I've done for myself.

"Rhaya creates this space for a woman to feel open and safe and that they can share and grow, with other women that are also taking that chance to just dive deeper and discover themselves. By doing so, we discovered we have very similar reasons that brought us there. Different stories, but the core of it is the same that we're feeling either stuck or that we want more out of life. And if you want more out of life, then I think the best way to do that is through this self-work.

I know these lessons that I'm learning could really change my life in the course of my life, especially as a woman at the age that we're at, you want to be the creator of your life. And doing the self-work with Rhaya just feels like the tool to get me there."

- Alexis, Social Media Strategist, USA

"It’s sort of mind-blowing because while nothing “around me” has changed - my situation is still the same, my relationships are still the same, there has still been a huge internal shift where I have so much more grace for and understanding of myself."


"My experience of life now feels much more calm, I wake up with a smile every day, I feel fulfilled and I feel like I can continue learning about myself and being curious about why certain feelings and thoughts show up."


"The biggest shift has been my perspective. I’ve reconnected with myself, I’m finding my inspiration and drive again, and as a result, I see possibilities instead of feeling utterly stuck. Thanks to Rhaya, I’ve found my center and feel lighter. I’m most proud of using my voice, setting boundaries unapologetically and seeing myself with more compassion."




early bird $1,500 USD
regular $2k USD

payment plans available email

This is a 8 week LIVE group experience.

Here’s what’s included:

— 5 live 90 minute group training sessions with Rhaya, with lifetime access to rewatch and relearn from the replay

— 1 live 90 minute group coaching session with Rhaya to receive feedback on your exact topic and situation

— 2 live BONUS calls with Rhaya [pre + post]

— A community of women (all likeminded and HERE FOR IT) to connect with inside and beyond the program

— Take-home exercises each week to put this content into action and actually see change in your life

— A small pod for added accountability and intimate connection

— Surprise BONUS guest facilitators & speakers

ALIVE plus

early bird $3k USD
regular $3,500 USD

payment plans available email

This is everything from ALIVE PLUS


Two 60 min private coaching calls with Rhaya to use throughout the 8 weeks to receive customized and tailored to you support 
On-demand direct messaging support throughout the 8 weeks to have Rhaya literally in your back pocket

— Detailed personal feedback on your take-home activities

— First access to new offerings

LOGISTICS: Join the waitlist to be first to know about the next upcoming round of ALIVE. Special pricing + bonuses available to those on the Waitlist. Replays available if you are unable to attend every live session!



With over 7 years of educational and clinical experience in Mental Health, with Rhaya Lynn you're in well-equipped hands. Rhaya brings her warm and empathic approach to provide you with the perfect setting to facilitate transformation. 

Originally from Vancouver Island and now living a nomadic lifestyle, her signature coaching programs have helped folks all around the world embody vibrancy and have more confidence, clarity, and ease in their lives.

Rhaya earned her Master of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, formerly working in the public and private sectors of mental health and addiction. She works on both conscious and unconscious levels to facilitate powerful, lasting change. She is grounded in evidence-based methods of changing limiting core beliefs and less desirable habits.

So what do you say... are you joining us to reignite your lust for liferealign with yourself, and join an epic community!?

Feel powerfully alive & zest full of life

Radiate vibrancy from your body and your mind

Put what you cognitively know into action

It would be a deep honour to have you. I can’t wait to meet you inside!!

If you've made it this far, I see you, I love you!! I'm a read until the end of the page kind of gal too.


I'd recommend one of two things.


1- honour your initial pull to this experience and trust your body. If you feel butterflies in your belly, a little nerves & excitement, and an EEEEK, you're definitely in the right place. This is the feeling of EXPANSION!!


And 2- If you'd like to check in with me and/or ask any questions, you are SO welcome to book a call using the link below xx 

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