Find Ease

1:1 coaching

Love yourself in a whole new way

Gain confidence

Break free from stress and worry

Feel deeply connected to yourself  and others

sneak peak of what is included in the program

Identify the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stressed and stuck

Reprogram your limiting beliefs so that you can release the thoughts and habits that hold you back and finally show up with ease, grace, and confidence

Discover the tools and practices that make you feel connected and able to tackle whatever comes your way

Cultivate a deep sense of self-love and feel worthy of the career, relationship, and health you deserve

Integrate your new mindset into your daily life and experience sustained and lasting ease

"Working with Rhaya on a 1:1 basis has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She was a perfect fit for me, a 30 something-year-old entrepreneur looking to get clear on what I wanted in life."  
Megan Lane, Canada

Together we will go through a tried and tested 1 on 1 holistic program that is specifically tailored to you.

Would you like to see if I can support you to become the most   lovingconfident,  and calm version of you?

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Weekly 60 minute coaching calls

Messaging support to receive coaching in between sessions

Worksheets to practice and implement the tools learned in teaching modules

Homework to support you to be empowered in your own healing

Guided meditations and access to VIP resources


"Rhaya has the ability to make you feel safe, seen, and fully heard. Her presence alone is remarkably healing and uplifting."

Kelly, Life Coach, USA