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BLOOM is a 4 month high level mastermind + business mentorship for women desiring EXPANSION + FULFILMENT in the areas of




BLOOM is for the woman who wants it all.
Who knows everything she can imagine is at her fingertips. This woman sees that surrounding herself with other expanders is paramount to her success in career, self, and relationships.

BLOOM is for the woman who is  
making an impact

It's common when you get to this level, that imposter syndrome, pesky mindset blocks, burn out, and playing it safe block you from continuing to rise. 

It's also common that you rise without grounding, and that doesn't lead to a sustainable uplevel. We're here for the sustainable uplevel. 

We're here for the growth and expansion of you as a whole entire holistic human.

Are you too?

But wait, what is a mastermind?

A mastermind is a coming together of minds. Of folks who are on a similar life path who want to come together, challenge the status quo, drop the 'I must do everything alone to be successful' mindset, and rise alongside others at a much faster pace than would otherwise be possible. This is high level mentorship with on demand support and a global community. Inside of this mastermind you'll have the opportunity to give and receive support from the other members aka multiple perspectives and folks coaching you rather than just one as well as an opportunity to share your gifts with others!

What will the other women be like?

Just like you :) Conscious, passionate, determined, open minded, interested in expanding into the best possible version of themselves. 

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, health practitioners, coaches, you name it, we love it. The common thread is that you want to grow as a human inside your business and expand in the financial arena.

Most importantly, the women know they are here to make an impact, are ready to uplevel their life and business, upgrade their reality to beyond their wildest dreams, and show up with aligned and inspired action - all with ease and grace.

Welcome to BLOOM the mastermind!!!!
I trust you're here for a reason xx

Are  you desiring to ...

Actually take aligned action rather than just cognitively knowing all the things?

Fully back yourself and believe in your abilities as an entrepreneur / business owner?

Let your life be easeful + fruitful + abundant?

Expand as the full woman — in relationships, love, and self?

And  you ...

Are passionate about growth + personal development

Are committed to showing up for yourself and doing the work

Thrive with accountability + community


Perfect. BLOOM was made for women like you.

This isn't just your average business course or program.
This mastermind is designed to support your business rising [ to make greater impact and income ] AND the rising of you as a whole woman.

I'm ready, sign me up

If you want to read more about the details and your coach, keep scrolling xx

So if I'm in for EXPANSION + FULFILMENT in the areas of




What are the logistics?

What you will receive inside inside BLOOM the mastermind



2x monthly 90 minute live group coaching sessions for you to receive personalized mentorship, feedback and action items on your exact topic, plus allllll of the accountability.


*rewatch and relearn from the replay and know it's there in case you can't make a call live



Your highest touch support! Get crystal clear on your strategy, up-level your mindset, plan your next launch, go full time doing what you love, own your pricing, make your hobby + gifts profitable, show up online with confidence, lean into the feminine business flow, and so. much. more. 


Always walk away with tangible steps + action items so that you can take off in your life + business.



Did ALIVE catch your eye? Surprise!

You will have access to all live programs that run during the course of BLOOM, how fun! The theme of BLOOM is to spoil you. Get insight into how programs are run, let it spark ideas for you, and learn even more during these 4 months.



Laser focused trainings created specifically for this unique group. No topic is off limits. Business. Intimacy. Feminine flow. Emotional mastery. You name it :)



Learn from some of the top coaches + facilitators from all across the globe. Get a taste of their individual magic and implement these extra teachings into your life and business.



Surround yourself with women who normalize living incredibly bold lives, making money doing what they love, and continuing smash ceilings -- and watch what happens. This one aspect alone has changed. my. life. 

You have access to daily support inside a private Voxer channel where you can receive feedback, get coached, celebrate wins, share your heart and everything in between. 

Collaborate inside the group and create connections that last well beyond the program.

That all totals to...

$24k+ in value over 4 months

LOGISTICS: We start MARCH 2022. Call times to be decided upon by the group [we want you to be live of course!]. Prices are in usd.

Pay in full investment

Earliest bird: $5,055

Early bird: $5,222

Full: $5,555

payment plans available, please mention in your application

Investing in yourself is edgy. It's going against the grain. It's choosing yourself in a world that encourages you to look outwards and spend outwards. It’s acting before you have the evidence. Because you are CREATING the evidence. You are CREATING the proof.


Think of it this way. You raise your rates or call in two new soul mate clients at 3k each and you’ve ALREADY paid back your investment. WHATTT!? Yep, it’s that simple. And the return on investment keeps giving. You learn the transferable skills to set you up for your continued expansion in biz and life. Because newsflash, the expansion never ceases to exist!


Oh and not to mention the intangibles — you get to live an easeful, purposeful life with confidence. You get to show up exactly as you are in each moment without holding back. You get to enjoy every moment more fully, in deep alignment, and follow what you want in this lifetime.


It IS edgy it IS bold and that’s the human that BLOOM was designed for.


Ready to change your life, lean in, and make a greater impact?

Curious if this is all possible for you? Hear it from the ones who have been there!


"I have produced the best results I have ever made  and every part of my being believes it is possible for me"

"Over the past 3 months, I have produced the best results I have ever made and been truly driven by my higher self. I have changed more than I could ever imagine and I truly feel like I am living in alignment.

What really shifted is my thoughts and beliefs and my dreams and vision for my future. I really truly feel they are within reach and every part of my being believes it is possible for me! I always left the session feeling lighter, feeling like I had uncovered parts of me that I hadn’t known about before, I had a lot of revelations!

It feels freaking amazing to be me now. I have a stronger sense of self and I am more confident in my abilities. Previously I was doubtful of myself, my abilities, and sharing my experiences and my life with others. 

I would recommend Rhaya as a coach, 100%!"

Danielle H, Occupational Therapist + Coach, London/Australia

"It's amazing to be part of a community where everyone had my back and wanted me to succeed"

​​"I'm a Mindfulness Coach based in Toronto, Canada, and I completed the ALIVE program under Rhaya's guidance and with several other amazing and inspiring women. This is the third time that I've worked with Rhaya. So if that doesn't say enough about how much I respect her knowledge and her coaching abilities, then I don't know what will! 

Susan C, Mindfulness Coach, Canada



With over 7 years of educational and clinical experience in Mental Health, with Rhaya Lynn you're in well-equipped hands. Rhaya brings her warm and empathic approach to provide you with the perfect setting to facilitate transformation. 

Originally from Vancouver Island and now living a nomadic lifestyle, her signature coaching programs have helped folks all around the world embody vibrancy and have more confidence, clarity, and ease in their lives.

Rhaya earned her Master of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, formerly working in the public and private sectors of mental health and addiction. She works on both conscious and unconscious levels to facilitate powerful, lasting change. She is grounded in evidence-based methods of changing limiting core beliefs and less desirable habits.

So what do you say... are you joining us to ground in what you cognitively know and rise in your business while letting all aspects of your dreams come to fruition too!?

Experience a grounded + balanced business + life EXPANSION

Rather than just thinking about the next step, actually live the next step + start to experience the life + business you always wanted

Remain in your heart and true to yourself while upleveling your life + biz at a fast pace

It would be a deep honour to have you. I can’t wait to meet you inside!!

If you've made it this far, I see you, I love you!! I'm a read until the end of the page kind of gal too.


I'd recommend one of two things.


1- honour your initial pull to this experience and trust your body. If you feel butterflies in your belly, a little nerves & excitement, and an EEEEK, you're definitely in the right place. This is the feeling of EXPANSION!!


And 2- If you're still feeling unsure if BLOOM is right for you, go ahead and apply / book a call anyways and we can chat through the details xx 


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