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by Rhaya Lynn

Feminine Living Masterclass

A free masterclass teaching you the 3 common misconceptions of feminine living, how to get out of your head and into your body, and tangible tips to start living the magic of the feminine.

Feminine Living is 1 hour.

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RISE Masterclass

A free stand-alone masterclass teaching you the 3 common hindrances to rising and taking aligned action, and most importantly, how to tackle them.


Rise to the fullest expression so you can show up in your relationships, your work, and do the things you always wanted to do!!


Walk away understanding the blocks of you rising and how to shift them so that you can create a life in alignment with your desires.

RISE the masterclass is 1 hour plus a 30 min Q&A.

Break Through
Your Beliefs Workbook

This is a ten-page workbook, with detailed instructions and examples. This workbook was designed so that you can increase your awareness and make room for positive change in your life.


Created to help you break through beliefs that are deep-seated and often go unrecognized despite impacting your day-to-day.


The juicy stuff happens when these beliefs are brought into your consciousness, once you catch these traps, you can choose another way.


Guided Journey for Ease & Expansion

This is a 22 minute guided meditation journey, created and narrated by Rhaya Lynn.

In this guided journey you will see and feel yourself from a little child all the way to you as you are now. This mediation is designed to guide you into a deeper connection with your inner child for a sense of ease and expansion.


Let yourself be seen, feel safe inside, soften, and feel permission to be you.

Love yourself in a whole new way

Gain confidence

Break free from stress and worry

Feel deeply connected to yourself  and others



With over 7 years of educational and clinical experience in mental health, with Rhaya Lynn you're in well-equipped hands. Rhaya brings her warm and empathic approach to provide you with the perfect setting to facilitate transformation. 

Originally from Vancouver Island and now living a nomadic lifestyle, her signature coaching programs have helped folks all around the world embody vibrancy and have more confidence, clarity, and ease in their lives.

Rhaya earned her Master of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, formerly working in the public and private sectors of mental health and addiction. She works on both conscious and unconscious levels to facilitate powerful, lasting change. She is grounded in evidence-based methods of changing limiting core beliefs and less desirable habits.

what clients are saying

"My experience of life now feels much calmer, I wake up with a smile every day, I feel fulfilled and I feel like I can continue learning about myself."

"The biggest shift has been my perspective. I’ve reconnected with myself, I’m finding my inspiration and drive again, and as a result, I see possibilities instead of feeling utterly stuck. Thanks to Rhaya, I’ve found my center and feel lighter."

"Investing in strengthening my own foundation was one of the most meaningful personal growth journeys I’ve had as an adult."

Shall we connect on   instagram ? That's where you'll find me most days!

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