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business coaching

& mentorship

Feel in alignment & show up effortlessly as you online

Learn the structure & strategy for YOUR success

Feel at ease in your transition to full time entrepreneur

Attract who YOU want to work with

hey  friend!

Are you working in a helping profession and feel it’s not entirely (or even close to) aligned with your values and the way you want to offer services?


Do you love some parts of your current work but crave more flexibility, the ability to work on your own schedule and outside of the box, the system, and/or your college regulatory board!?


Do wonder if it’s really possible for you to go out on your own? Do you get caught up in too many ideas and no action? Do perfectionism and/or imposter syndrome hold you back from doing what would actually feel SO GOOD and aligned in your heart?


Or, have you dabbled in coaching for a while but aren’t reaching the clients or the financial freedom that you so deeply want?


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Are  you ready to

Learn the ins and outs of running a full time coaching business?

Know exactly who you serve, what your offer is, and how to translate that into financial abundance?

Feel confident to show up consistently and with intention on socials?

Tackle those subtle yet pesky mindset blocks and actually make this dream a reality?

Price your services in a way that makes sense and FEELS good?

Have someone in your corner the entire way, cheering you on & providing detailed feedback?

Well.. Let's get started!!

Ready to save a whole lotta time and get your coaching biz not just up and running... but up and thriving!?

  together we'll have you mastering...

Mindset + empowerment

Permission to be YOU inside of your business. Get clear on your strengths and overcome your blocks (imposter syndrome, perfectionism, fear of failure, being seen, etc!).

Program design

Combine your gifts into an offering that YOU love. Know the exact transformation you provide and how, all in a way that resonates with your ideal client.


Easeful social media

Best practices for socials, how to confidently and consistently show up to serve your business. 


Client attraction & soulful marketing

Authentic messaging. Positioning yourself to stand out. Connecting with your community. Making effective calls to action. All without the 'icky-ness'.

Soulful sales & sales flow

On socials, in discovery calls. Effortly master it all. Know the ins and outs of enrolling clients from the initial conversation to payment and enrolment. 


Pricing & money mindset

From charging an hourly rate to charging for the transformation you provide. Move from the hourly model to the coaching model with confidence. Move from scarcity into an abundant mindset in all that you do. 

Systems & automation

Get everything running smoothly from the start, have the most solid foundation, so you prevent burnout and are set up to scale! 

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Curious if this is all possible for you? Let my client Danielle's story tell you that it is!

Prior to business coaching with Rhaya I was doubtful of myself and my abilities, I was experiencing struggles with the direction of my coaching business, I experienced imposter syndrome, and I was fearful of showing up on social media and sharing my experiences and my life with others online.


What really shifted through working with Rhaya is my thoughts and beliefs and my dreams and vision for my future, I really truly feel they are within reach and every part of my being believes it is possible for me, it’s just a matter of when!


It feels freaking amazing to be me now and I have 2 clients! I actually took action and showed up - all of the uncomfortable and edgy things! I have a stronger sense of self and I am more confident in my abilities.


Over the past 3 months I have produced the best results I have ever made and been truly driven by my higher self. I have changed more than I could ever imagine and I truly feel like I am living in alignment.

Danielle, Occupational Therapist + Life Coach

Here's what's  included   in the journey

Investment for 3-4 months of high touch business coaching

— 60 minute coaching sessions with detailed and customized to you content.


— Take home exercises each week [workbooks + practices + templates] to put the topics and content into action and actually see changes in your life + biz.

— Access to other programs (ALIVE + BLOOM) run at the time of your program [value $7k+].


— Document/content review [think website & social media copy, program outline, really anything!].


— On-demand messaging support throughout the full 3 months to have Rhaya literally in your back pocket.


— Detailed personal feedback on your take-home activities + biz.


— Recordings of each session with lifetime access to rewatch and relearn from the replay.


— Supplemental resource access to deepen and enhance your program.

Investment starts at $7k usd

*payment plans available

Investing in yourself is edgy. But think of it this way. You create a program that you love, have all the foundations in place, sign 3 clients at $3k and you've ALREADY paid back the investment. The ROI is steeeeep. Ready to change the lives of your clients by starting with changing yours? Here's to the next version of you!

1:1 business coaching is made for the ready and the willing.

This deep dive program is for you if you are ready to create and level up your business from a place of ease. With a strong foundation from the start, with someone to walk alongside you every step of the way. Clients who are ready, willing, and all in are perfect a perfect match for this program. 

I'm ready, let's chat!

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Originally from Vancouver Island and now living a nomadic lifestyle, Rhaya's signature coaching programs have helped folks all around the world embody vibrancy and have more confidence, clarity, and ease in their lives.

Rhaya is passionate about creating a world where everyone is living in their authentic self expression. And she can’t do it alone. We really need people like you to be spreading your magic with the world. If you don't do it for you, do it for everyone else and the ripple effect that follows xx 

With over 7 years of educational and clinical experience in mental health, with Rhaya Lynn you're in well-equipped hands. Rhaya brings her warm and empathic approach to provide you with the perfect setting to facilitate transformation. 

Rhaya earned her Master of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, formerly working in the public and private sectors of mental health and addiction. She works on both conscious and unconscious levels to facilitate powerful, lasting change. She is grounded in evidence-based methods of changing limiting core beliefs and less desirable habits.

So what do you say... Are you ready to learn the structure, strategy, and mindset shifts required to create a thriving heart centred business?

Feel in alignment & show up effortlessly as you online

Transition with ease to full time entrepreneur

Start working with your dream clients while creating financial abundance

It would be a deep honour to support you. I cannot wait to meet you inside xx

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