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Ready for ease  & expansion ?

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WELCOME to the space where you get to have it all. ALL of the success, feelings of fulfilment both inner and outer, the freedom, the moments of pure bliss and joy. All of it. Imagine a life where you look around in awe, and say to yourself... "I CREATED THIS!!"

Feel complete permission to be you

Rise with a community of folks just like you

Live life in ease, alignment, and expansion

Combine your gifts into an offering for the world

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Hi, I'm rhaya!

Fellow truth seeker, heart follower, expansive life live-er.

I'm over the moon that you're here. Welcome to the community of folks who are stepping UP, who are living bold lives, who are not here to compromise or play small, who want it all, and then some ;) 

Since you're here, I think it's safe to assume you're in the same boat.

Welcome home, friend!

Here you'll find the ways to connect and work with me as well as free resources to dive into.

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A 4 month business + life mastermind for grounded sustainable success + expansion. The highest level container, with combined group + 1:1 support.   explore BLOOM

find ease

A signature private life coaching program created with  you in mind

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ALIVE group program

A 6 week live program for women who are ready to rise!

Re-ignite your lust for life

Re-align with yourself

Put what you cognitively know into aligned action

ALIVE was created to allow you to live freely as you.

Are you ready ?

Podcast features


Sky Rocket Your Growth and Self-Development | Higher Love with Megan

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How to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway | Yoga Off The Mat with Amber Hagberg


The Magic of Mindset in Creating an Aligned, Fulfilled Life | Made with Magic with Charlotte Emma Johnson

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An Inside-Out Approach to Coaching in the Online Space | OTs Gone Rogue


The Path to Full Expression in Life, Business, & Relationships | The Best You've Ever Had with Kelley Bode

Curious if this is all possible for you? Let my clients tell you that it is!


Over the past 3 months, I have produced the best results I have ever made and been truly driven by my higher self. I have changed more than I could ever imagine and I truly feel like I am living in alignment.


It feels freaking amazing to be me now. Rhaya literally helped me feel that all feelings are valid, all experiences are learning experiences, and there is no wasted knowledge! I feel much lighter, feel less pressure, and am much more gentle on myself. I have a stronger sense of self and I am more confident in my abilities. Previously I was doubtful of myself, my abilities, and sharing my experiences and my life with others. 

What really shifted is my thoughts and beliefs and my dreams and vision for my future. I really truly feel they are within reach and every part of my being believes it is possible for me! I always left the session feeling lighter, feeling like I had uncovered parts of me that I hadn’t known about before, I had a lot of revelations!

I would recommend Rhaya as a coach, 100%!

Danielle H, Occupational Therapist + Life Coach | London/Australia

"It’s sort of mind-blowing because while nothing 'around me' has changed - my situation is still the same, my relationships are still the same, there has still been a huge internal shift where I have so much more grace for and understanding of myself."


"Rhaya has changed my life in so many ways that some days I don't even recognize myself in the best way possible. I never thought I would be able to accomplish so much in what feels like such a short time. This program has been absolutely perfect and exactly what I needed at a time I needed it most."


"The biggest shift has been my perspective. I’ve reconnected with myself, I’m finding my inspiration and drive again, and as a result, I see possibilities instead of feeling utterly stuck. Thanks to Rhaya, I’ve found my center and feel lighter. I’m most proud of using my voice, setting boundaries unapologetically and seeing myself with more compassion."



Meet Rhaya Lynn

Originally from Vancouver Island and now living a nomadic lifestyle, Rhaya's signature coaching programs have helped folks all around the world embody vibrancy and have more confidence, clarity, and ease in their lives.

Rhaya is passionate about creating a world where everyone is living in their authentic self expression. And she can’t do it alone. We really need people like you to be spreading your magic with the world. If you don't do it for you, do it for everyone else and the ripple effect that follows xx 

With over 7 years of educational and clinical experience in mental health, with Rhaya Lynn you're in well-equipped hands. Rhaya brings her warm and empathic approach to provide you with the perfect setting to facilitate transformation. 

Rhaya earned her Master of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, formerly working in the public and private sectors of mental health and addiction. She works on both conscious and unconscious levels to facilitate powerful, lasting change. She is grounded in evidence-based methods of changing limiting core beliefs and less desirable habits.

Shall we connect on   instagram ? That's where you'll find me most days!

Mindset tips + words from the heart directly to your  inbox.  No spam, only value. Promise xx

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