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Break free from worry & step into ease

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For those ready to continue in their success with ease, clarity, self-empowerment, and deeper self love through a tried and tested holistic approach

Love yourself in a whole new way

Gain confidence

Break free from stress and worry

Feel deeply connected to yourself  and others


Do you ...

Experience anxiety, stress, overwhelm, or negative self-talk?

Find yourself ruminating in the past or worrying about the future?

Feel like you have ticked all of the boxes but still aren’t happy or fulfilled?

Feel like you've tried everything without lasting results?

Wish you had more confidence, self love, and self worth?

I feel you, I see you, and I want to support you through this. 

Are you willing ?

find ease

A signature private coaching program created with  you in mind

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You are...

Ready to feel confident  and worthy in your success

Ready to step into a more loving, connected, and empowered version of you

Wanting to take the fast track in your growth and development by having support on your side

Successful, high achieving, and wanting to move through life's challenges with ease

Looking to create a life that does not just look successful on the outside, but actually feels fulfilling on the inside

You are in the right place.

Your journey into ease





Book a call with me

We tailor the 1-1 program directly to you

You uncover, learn, and implement 

You start enjoying a life of  empowered loving ease

"Rhaya has the ability to make you feel safe, seen, and fully heard. Her presence alone is remarkably healing and uplifting."

Kelly, Life Coach, USA


Hi, I'm Rhaya Lynn

I am a life and business coach for those looking to access more​ ease, self love, and confidence than ever thought imaginable. 

Today I truly get to live the life of my dreams, with a calm mind and a heart that is open both to myself and to others. Though it has not always been smooth sailing, what my journey has brought me is the gift of professional credentials and tried and tested holistic approach to fast track that journey for you. 

What I have learned from years in both the clinical and self development realms is that one single approach just is not going to cut it. We are dynamic human beings and we require a multitude of modalities. This is exactly why I have devoted my life to supporting others to find ease in a holistic way, combining coaching and therapeutic principles.

Shall we connect on   instagram ? That's where you'll find me most days!

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Mindset tips + words from the heart directly to your  inbox.  No spam, only value. Promise xx

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