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Updated: Feb 14

Having been in Bali on and off for two years, I've learned a thing or two about this magical island. This guide is created with you in mind, I hope it is helpful! The list is only a start of some of the questions I have been asked over the years!


1. Visa Info/Entering the Country/Preparation

  • Less than 30 day stay = Visitor, free of charge

  • 31-60 day stay = Visa on Arrival at the airport, must have 500,000 IDR cash (ATM's are not reliable). You can also apply for a Social Visa from the Indonesian Consulate in your home country, in Singapore, or in KL. I recommend Visa4Bali as an agent, to support with this process. You will need to go to Immigration Services to extend after the first 30 days.

  • Greater than a 60 day stay = You will need to have organized a Social Visa in advance. You can do so using the following two links: here and here.

  • You will absolutely need an outbound flight and be prepared to show your itinerary at the airport.

  • Overstay fees are 1 million IDR (~$100 CAD) per day. The day you fly in and fly out are counted as full days.

  • I can recommend Safety Wing health insurance, as I have been using them for years!

  • If you plan on driving or scootering, acquire an International Driving Permit. The chances of being pulled over by the police as a tourist are very high.

2. Top towns to visit

- Ubud (culture, yoga, healing, rice patties, events, community, food)

- Uluwatu (beaches, surf, relaxing, beautiful scenery)

- Canggu (beaches, surf, food)

Other towns to visit, time permitting:

- Sanur (beach, extremely relaxing)

- Nusa Dua

- Lovina

- Off island: Lombok, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Gili Islands.

3. Best time to visit

June - September. These are the dryer, cooler months. June and September will be less busy than July and August!

4. Currency & Language

The currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). 100,000/100k IDR = $9.32 CAD

Balinese and Bahasa Indonesian are spoken by the local people. It is nice to know a few phrases, as the locals really do appreciate the effort! The following are in Bahasa Indonesian:

  • Terima kasih = Thank you

  • Sama sama = You're welcome

  • Apa kabar? = How are you

  • Baik = Fine & Bagus = Good

  • Selamat pagi = Greeting in the morning/good morning

  • Selamat siang = Greeting in the afternoon/good afternoon

  • Selamat sore = Greeting from 4-6pm

  • Selamat malam = Greeting or farewell in the evening/good evening

  • Sampai jumpa (lagi) = See you (soon)

  • Cantik = Beautiful

  • Aku cinta kamu = I love you

  • Hati hati = Be careful!

  • Tidak apa apa = No problem


Ubud Recommendations

The following are for UBUD area only:


Nyoman: +62 813 3872 0177

Kasna: +62 853 3832 5166

Scooter Rentals

Komang: +62 819 1625 0993

Villa Rentals


  • Sayuri Healing Food

  • Zest

  • Sage

  • Seeds of Life

  • Kismet

  • Muse

  • Moksa

  • Alchemy

  • Revive

  • Bella

  • Clear Cafe

  • Mudra (pictured left)

Yoga Studios

  • Yoga Barn

  • Intuitive Flow

  • Radiantly Alive

  • Ubud Yoga Centre

To Do:

  • Pyramids of Chi Sound Healing

  • Campuhan Ridge Walk

  • Endless massages and spa treatments!

  • Events at Akasha

  • Visit Bambu Indah Resort

  • Visit Four Seasons Resort

  • Walk around the rice patties (Use this dropped pin location)

  • Tuesday and Saturday 10am-2pm Organic Market at Moksa

  • Waterfall visit - there are quite a few within 1 hour from Ubud

  • Vasu Dev's Kirtan Tuesday nights 630-8pm @ Svarga Loka

  • Ecstatic Dance: Thursday 730pm @ Paradiso, Friday 730pm & Sunday 11am @ Yoga Barn


Maybank or Commonwealth. Fees are about $5 CAD per withdrawal plus your bank's fee. The max withdrawal is 3 million IDR which is a little less than $300 CAD.

Do Not's:

Do not drink the tap water, if you can, seek out Balian water

Do not forget to drive on the left side of the road and always wear a helmet :)

Do not leave your valuables unattended

Do not go out too late at night alone

Do not use GoJek or you will get yelled at by the locals

Final note:

It is a privilege to be able to visit Bali. May we continue to respect the lovely Balinese, their resources, and their culture. Thank you for stopping by!



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